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Ransomed-Ever-After Fiction

Peggy Trotter

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Newest Release!

The Spellbound Schoolmarm Ebook Cover FINAL.jpg

Rigidity, rules, and reason. Simple concepts that strict schoolmarm Sissy P. Eberlin utilizes to maintain classroom stability and whip her pupils into shape. Yet, internally she quivers in fear, dreading someone will uncover her scandalous past. Or even worse? Sissy’s even more malevolent present. No one, absolutely no one, must break beyond her carefully constructed boundaries. Ever. Better to be lonely than hated. So, why does the widowed blacksmith, Heaker Thomas tug at her heart?

Careworn and exhausted, Heaker rustles every bush to find a mother for his five daughters. But with his youngest at death’s door, no woman seems willing. Instead he’s become the laughing stock of the community. To still the rumors, he swears off his search and vows to remain single. Yet, when his elderly nursemaid abruptly departs, leaving him in a desperate situation, he turns to the prickly new schoolmarm for help. After all, how can he resist a woman whose eyes betray a need for love as deep as his own?

The Spellbound Schoolmarm

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