God, my Savior, Jesus Christ


My husband


My daughter-check out her website!



My son-checkout his website! 



My Family


My school/faculty (You rock!)


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Rough Diamond Writers-best Crit Group ever!

   Check us out! 



Mrs. Susan Lee, my senior English teacher who promised to publish a myth if I'd write

   it.  I didn't, but the writing seed was planted.


Lynn Austin-Incredibly talented writer who directed me to ACFW. Please check out her website, lynnaustin.org


ACFW-American Christian Fiction Writers/Critique Loop-website, acfw.com


Renee Blare-reneeblare.com


Nancy Bolton-http://boltonnancy.com/


Misty Russon-misty musings 4u


Diane Dean White-So much advice and help came from this writer friend. She has since passed away into the loving arms of Jesus.


Hoosier Ink-hoosierink.blogspot.com


Susan Baganz-susanbaganz.com


Prism Book Group-prismbookgroup.com


My Publishing Journey



I'm indebted to these individuals on my journey to publish.